Marketing & Branding

December 11, 2009

I’ve decided to take time durring the winter months to focus on my brand & marketing.  I really want to have a kick ass website designed but, after doing some price shopping, having one designed is going to be very expensive.  I’ve been praying for another idea, or to find some bits of wisdom that will guide me towards and inexpensive solution to my website problem and yesterday I found what I was looking for.  For some time now I have been listening to Scott Bourne’s Photofocus Podcast and I read this post.  I created this blog some time ago just to play with WordPress.  I’m going to attempt to “tweak” it to my liking in a manner that will highlight the images I have made…wish me luck.

My brand on the other hand, is another story all together.  I’ve priced out logo creation, and I guess I really just don’t want to spend that much money for someone to create a logo for me.  I am a very simple guy, and I think I am going to just figure something simple out on my own.  I really like what Jason Aten has done with his brand.  Simple, sexy, and memorable.  Now if I can just make my images a great as his I’d be all set.

Stay tuned…